How do we work?

We allocate a pre-determined amount of time (“x” hours) for your Project. Within these hours we provide you the services you need. These services can be just for a single time but also we can serve you with 3 months, 6 months o 1 year long contracts.

Because we apply a fair price policy, we send you detailed information about the time we spend on your Project.

We can offer you a fix price for the Project you are interested in. For example if you are interested in finding a distributer, we can give you an all inclusive price. Within our offers, you will find information out how many hours we will allocate for you. We guarantee that our offers will be the best matches for your needs. CALL US!

We may be able to solve your problem which seems troublesome and difficult to you in a very short time to an affordable price. To find out, CALL US!