Turkey’s population is 74.7 million people by 2011 December and is growing rapidly with 1.54% growth p.a. in 2010.Read more »


Considering developments throughout the last decade, one can suggest that Turkey has become an imperative base for automotive main and subcontracting sectors.Read more »


Construction is one of the key sectors in Turkey, being one of the main drivers of private and public investments.Read more »


Turkey has been manufacturing chemicals for very long time, being a producer of many basic and intermediate chemicals and petrochemicals.Read more »


Turkish energy markets have been undergoing tremendous changes in the last decade. These include liberalization, opening up to private participation and restructuring to establish a competitive market.Read more »

Renewable Energies

Turkey’s energy situation today can be summarized as follows: High demand increase rate, High investment requirement, Import Dependency, High Energy Intensity, Low Efficiency.Read more »


The size of the strategically located Turkish IT market is forecast to increase from US$7.9bn in 2012 to US$14.4bn by 2016, making it one of the fastest growing in emerging Europe.Read more »


Turkey’s Ministry of Transport has made great investments to upgrade public infrastructure.Read more »


The machinery industry in Turkey has been growing at a rate of nearly 20 percent per year since 1990.Read more »

Real Estate

For the first quarter of 2012 underlines the slowing growth in world economies and real estate sectors.Read more »


The Turkish retail market is continuing its sustainable growth in line with increasing purchasing power per capita and the development of modern and organized retailing.Read more »

Transportation and Logistics

In parallel with the growth experienced in world trade volume in 1990s, Turkish road transport sector witnessed a dramatic increase in the role of private sector.Read more »