We act as your liaison office in Türkiye, managing;

  •   Commercial follow ups
  •   Bureaucratic paper work
  •   Administrative issues
  •   Accountancy and tax operations.

Phases of an Investing Company in Türkiye;

Phase 1; Market Research

By a market research, you we will be able to answer questions such as;

  •   Does your product have a direct competitor in the market?
  •   What are the prices of them?
  •   Who are your customers?
  •   Who are your buyers in Türkiye?

Phase 2; Developing a Marketing Strategy

After the market research, we develop a suitable marketing strategy for you;

  •   What is the best way for your company to expand its business in Turkish market?
  •   Is it better to collaborate with a local partner, or establish your own company as a foreign investor, or expand over distribution channels?
  •   Price Strategy
  •   Markets to Focus

Phase 3;

a)       Setting Up Your Company,

Once you pass the phases 1 and 2, we set up your company taking care of the following aspects;

  •   Legal Aspect
  •   Fiscal Aspect
  •   Marketing and Logistic Aspects; As for all of the markets, one of the most important decisions to make when establishing a company is about the location of it. We help you to decide in which city you should establish your business, whether you should be located in a plaza in the center of the city, or placed near your warehouse outside the city, by calculating all the pros and cons of them.

Creating your team; For being able to continue with your operations, you will need to establish a team, consisting of insider and outsider members. We help you to choose the best outsourcing options, as well as to choose the best team members which will join your work force. We also handle the settling process of your expats.

b)       Follow up Your Business

If you decide to expand your business in Türkiye via local business partners or local distributers, but still want to have eyes on your business, we can do the follow up of your products and services in Türkiye acting as your local contact point.