Office set up

We offer office set up in physical locations or Virtual Offices.

Istanbul, being a city larger than many European Countries is a business oasis on its own but all the steps should be handled with care.While setting up an office, especially in Istanbul, one of the most important criteria is where to set up the office. Istanbul has many city centers in both continents Europe and Asia and traffic jam is an important issue in deciding about real estate.

Of course, if the showroom, the factory and/or the warehouse has to be in different corners of the city, the logistics between them is to be considered.

Virtual Offices:
Set-up an office TODAY in a business area in Istanbul, with a telephone, secretary, wireless connections, furniture and meeting rooms and start working TOMORROW MORNING.

Once the model is set up, Unico offers you also the possibility to support directly your business supporting development and execution of projects (purchasing, export and import documents, contract management, transport management, etc) as well as supporting selling and marketing (organizing business trips, presence in fairs, communications campaigns, representation of products, etc).

Additionally we can support your business with other services such as translation of documents or search of professionals.

Logistics and customs

Customs regulations in Türkiye are quite different from EU, Latin America and many countries around the world. Even sending a parcel trough DHL or UPS can be quite problematic. We are business partners with the leading transport, customs and logistics companies who give services to different sectors from steel pipes to frozen shrimps, from silk suits to crystal households.

Company set up

It is comparatively easy to establish a company in Türkiye. The paperwork and legislation takes mostly two weeks. However, before setting up the company it is highly advised to think of all the options, advantages and disadvantages of all types.
Unico gives you the opportunity to discuss all options with legal and fiscal advisors.
It is also possible to use our ‘virtual offices’ option if you are in a market study stage.

All corporate forms are open to foreigners in Türkiye and here are the different options:

1. Joint Stock company A.S,
2. Limited liability company L.S,
3. Commandite company,
4. Collective company,
5. Cooperative company
1. Joint venture,
2. Business association,
3. Consortium.

Control of local suppliers and subcontractors and distributors

Once we setup a supplier chain, distributor channels or subcontractors for your company, you may need a follow-up of the procedure.
Quality control before shipment
Control of your products on shelves in stores
Local management of your subcontractors.

Project monitoring report

Prepare periodic tailor made reports to show project main milestones: delivery / installations status, opportunities, risks, deadlines or any additional information customer may require.