In parallel with the growth experienced in world trade volume in 1990s, Turkish road transport sector witnessed a dramatic increase in the role of private sector.

Currently there are 1634 licensed firms in the international goods transport and 151 licensed firms in international passenger transport. Also there are 172.945 licensed firms in national goods transport and 359 licensed firms in national passenger transport. The total length of roads having hot mix asphaltic pavement capable of handling heavy axle loads including the motorways is 12,452 km in Turkey as of September 2011.


The Turkish Government increased investments in transport sector, introduced new regulations, gave priority to public private partnership and enhanced international cooperation.
As a result of these efforts, total length of road and rail networks are increased, the capacities of the ports are improved, air transport became more effective. Furthermore, the institutional and human capacity in transport sector has been increased.

Development of the transport will continue to be an important objective for Turkey in future. For this purpose, while new investments and regulations will continue to meet the rising needs, international efforts will continue to strengthen the connectivity with the other countries through bilateral and multilateral cooperation.