Unico Consulting offers the possibility of acting your agent or distributor in Turkey, depending on the sector or product. We currently are active in

  • Energy,
  • Food
  • Steel sectors as agents.

If your product is out of our professional trading line, we can find the right distributor for you and still act as your trusted partner in Turkey, following your product.

Example: We have found a distributor for a brand in the ‘Optical Frames and Sunglasses’ sector. We still make a ‘follow-up’ of the brand. Do the glasses stand in the right corner of the shop?  What are the selling prices in season? How much discount is done in sales period? What is done with the left-overs of the season? Are there any fakes in the market?

Turkey is the

  • 17th biggest economy in the World
  • 6th biggest economy of Europe.
  • The value of exported goods is $153,5 billion (2013 est.)
  • The value of imported goods in Turkey is $253 billion (2013 est.)

If you are an EXPORTER and would like to start importing to Turkey contact us now

If you are an IMPORTER and would like to start exporting from Turkey contact us now.