The flow of crude oil from northern Iraq’s Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) via Türkiye’s Ceyhan Port has reached up to 650,000 barrels a day, from only around 2,300 barrels last March.

“We said earlier that the more Iraq can sell its oil and gas reserves abroad, the more rapidly the country will normalize … We now see how appropriate our forecasts were. Around 2,300 barrels of crude oil came to Türkiye from northern Iraq last March. This has now risen to 650,000 barrels a day, which represents a significant portion of Iraq’s 2.7 million barrels of exports a day. We aim to increase this to 1 million barrels,” said the Energy Minister.

Crude oil flows into Türkiye from Iraq, both from the Baghdad government and the Arbil government, via a 40-inch pipe and a 46-inch pipe.