Director of SOCAR Turkey, Kenan Yavuz announced that the world’s leading investment bank Goldman Sachs bought the 13 percent of the shares of SOCAR Turkey in exchange for 1.3 billion $.

While stating that this sale will help SOCAR Turkey to have a powerful and debt-free balance, Yavuz also stated that it will also help Socar Turkey to perform public offering. Within the scope of this agreement, SOCAR Turkey offers Goldman Sachs the opportunity to sell its share with the public offerings of the company which will be completed in 6 years.

According to the statement, if the public offering of the company is not realized within the aforementioned timing, SOCAR Turkey guaranteed the re-purchase of its shares to Goldman Sachs.

Yavuz stated that “This partnership is extremely important in today’s global economic environment as concrete sign of confidence in the future of our country and the projects of our company.”.