Ministry of Tourism of Valencia Region, Francesc Colomer was in Turkey

Presentation of Valencia by the Secretary of Tourism of Valencia Region, Francesc Colomer and Tourism Attachee of Spain, Jorge Rubio. Thanks to TURSAB and all the tour-operators for participating to this event. Unico Consulting, as being the external consultant of Tur España, took part in the organisation of this event. We hope to organise more events soon.


Archaeological excavations in the southern Turkish province of Adana’s Yumurtalık district have unearthed a rare mosaic depicting the ancient Greek god of the sea, Poseidon. It is believed to date back to the 3rd or 4th century B.C.

The Poseidon mosaic was found in the frigidarium (large cold pool of a Roman bath) part of the ancient bath at the ancient city of Aegae, which is a 1st degree archaeological field. The bottom part of the mosaic contains partly ruined writing in Greek: “Greetings to all of you bathing.”

Adana Provincial Culture and Tourism Director Sabri Tari said the coastal Yumurtalık district was called Aegae in the ancient era.

The city served as a naval base in the era of the Roman Empire and it was also a famous place for Asclepius, the god of medicine in ancient Greek religion and mythology. It was one of three big Asclepius temples of the ancient world is in this city.

The region is rich in historical tissue and previously a mosaic depicting the god of love, Eros was found there too.


As Unico Consulting, We are pleased to present you our new solution partner BSC Services;

“Business Services Centre” keeps undisputed leadership on the Legal, Financial,Accounting and HR services among the permanent customers with its 20 years experience and has earned trust of most known brand companies in Azerbaijan since 1997. As the result of the operated consulting services “Business Services Centre”  takes special place on the success of the cutomer’s business from the different activities. As a logical result of satisfied customers “Business Services Centre” has gained a lot of new customer’s confidence. At present, our company successfully cooperates with more than 100 companies. The main principles of our company’s practical background during the 20 years consists of promptitude, professionalism, quality, to accurate and agile in appliying the legislation requirements to the daily activity of the customers, to help in arranging the legal aspects of the clients at the highest level, to organize for the customers the protection from the various interventions and barries.
1.      Legal Services

·         Establishment of new companies, to re-appoint members of founder’s board, and legal registration

·         Legal services on Crime, Civil, Labor, Family Rights relations

·         Tax and contract legislation services

·         Services on temporary residence permit

·         Establishment of the tax free companies at the free industrial zones

·         Services on law expert and represent at the courts

·         Medical Legal Services (professional legal support at the clinics, legal regulation of doctor and patient relations)

·         To return of problematic receivables, debt management

·         Recovery of debts in the pre-trial or in the court

·         Legal services on recovery the debts

·         Legalislation of sales regulation

2.      Accounting Services
·         To determine the application of the tax system which is more convenient for the customer depending on the scope of activity of the client

·         Follow-up the accounting documentation

·         Annual analysis of financial results

·         Analysis to determine the profit or loss

·         Expenditure analysis

·         According to requirements of the tax code of the Republic of Azerbaijan to issue reports based on the tax system

·         Preparation and submissionof reports to other state bodies

·         According to the requirements of thecompany founders, analyzing the financial and economic activity, issurance information on the financial situation

3.      Human Resources

·         HR activity Documentation

·         HR Audit

·         Establishing HR system

·         Planing and Recruirement

·         Chronometer workload level analyzing

·         Staff assessment and evaluation on a test basis

4.      Marketing (Advertising, PR, Content, etc )

·         Marketing strategy and plannig

·         Marketing Research

·         Advertising policy and planning

·         Company’s strategy based on internal and marketing researches

·         Issuance of  the proposals regarding on new products and services

·         Researches of the competitors and issuance customer database

·         Set out products and services of the company, sales channels

·         Applying new technologies and preparing sales staff

·         Public Relations

·         To arrange useful relations with state bodies due to company activity and establishment of lobbying activity

·         To construct company’s web page and to filfull the information

5.      Business Trainings


Turkish Airlines has been chosen as “Europe’s Best Airline” for the sixth year in a row at the 2016 Skytrax World Airlines Awards, which is the most respected global airline passenger survey organization, and is described as the Oscars of the aviation industry at the Farnborough International Airshow in London.

Its award six years running demonstrates Turkish Airlines’ continued commitment to passenger satisfaction and excellence in its industry.

The independent poll assesses traveler feedback, along with key performance indicators such as check-in, arrivals, transfers, shopping, security and immigration right through to departure at the gate.