UNICO is a multi-sectoral consultancy firm based in Istanbul, Turkey specialized in providing services of consultancy / guidance to foreign companies that want to establish business or expand their presence in the Turkish market and vice versa.

The UNICO team dominates to Spanish, English, French, German and Turkish.

The company was founded in 2012.

The founder, Eren Lea Karslı has worked for many years in various multinational and Spanish companies of different sectors; Textile and Retail (Mango), Tourism (Mundi Color – Julia Tours), Food Retail (Aykor) with diverse titles like Controller, Auditor, Purchase Manager and Project leader. Besides her professional experience, her main strength lies in having valuable contacts from uttermost sectors of Turkey.

Unico has a professional team capable of supporting any need of our clients:

• Nazlı Paker: Business Development

• Nur Karaveyisoglu: Market Research

• Haydar Aktaş: Tax & Accountancy Consultant

• Özgür Aşık: Legal Consultant & Attorney at Law

Our experience in the Turkish market allows us to offer our customers solutions that will help them maximize their potential and profitability.

We are the contact point of the Asturex Web, the Exports Promotion Body of the Government of Asturias, Spain in Turkey.

Our proposal consists of giving support / services to foreign companies that wish to operate in the Turkish market including:

– Getting information about a company in Turkey

– Basic identification of barriers to market access

– Identification of the main competitors for a product

– Advice on customs, taxes, etc..

We can also provide more specific services such as:

– Market Research

– Business Agendas

– Commercial follow ups

– Support in the implementation of projects (customs, subcontractors, visas, temporary offices, etc..)

– Fair Representations

Besides its consulting services UNICO continues its sales and marketing operations for the products of the brands that it is representing in Turkey with its professional team.

Some of the References of Unico Consulting are:

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